One soup a day keeps the doctor away

My favorite soup is borsch… or pickle soup… or dock soup. Honestly, there are so many, that I even can`t pick one. But it was not always like this.

“Self-Care” by, “Russian Borsch — Borsch, Vodka and Tears AUD10.50” by avlxyz

Russia it is important to eat soup during the lunch. You need first eat soup, then some meat and garnish and then a drink. That is how lunch is served in the day-care centers, in schools, in office cafeterias. It is a tradition that came from Soviet Union and it is considered as a healthy diet, because the soup makes your stomach feel good.

However, it is extremely hard to make a child to eat soup, probably because of the texture. When I was a kid, I was not an exclusion and I always preferred something different to the soup. Though my mom was trying to do her best in convincing me. She spent a lot of time cooking various soups, and everyone who has cooked soup, especially Ukranian one, borsch, knows that it is a time consuming activity. Of course, I tried to be diplomatic and never denied eating mom`s soup, but I still ate without pleasure. My relationship with soup was at this point for at least 25 years of my life.

Gazpacho and ramen, that I cooked myself. Photos by Yana Pashaeva

It was only several years ago when I started thinking about my health and well-being.

I realized that poor diet could make you feel bad not only physically, but morally. I learned that it can lead, for example, to the lack of energy and make you feel tired and apathetic. That happened to me. Sometimes I found myself exhausted in the mornings, even before starting my day. I came to a conclusion, that I needed to do more sports, spend more time outdoors and change my diet. That is how soup got the new positive meaning for me.

Now when I eat soup, I feel how kind I am to my body. And I enjoy the taste, the warmth, the texture. I came to the point when I started to cook soup myself! The list of my culinary achievements includes gazpacho, ramen and norvegian salmon soup. And to tell the truth, I am very proud of myself.

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A journalist from Russia, Hubert H. Humphrey fellow, currently studying at Arizona State University